Sugar free is the way to be


Sooo y’all want to know the real deal on sugar (the nasty processed kind)?

It’s bad. Real bad.

Processed sugar can cause addiction AND depression…EW. It’s also the leading cause of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. So basically, sugar is a murderer causing you a slow, painful death.

And he is one addictive mofo. Many studies have shown that sugar has the same addicting effect on you as cocaine. Now, that’s scary!



What is processed sugar? Any natural sugar (fructose) that’s been chemically manufactured/processed. Think high fructose corn syrup and refined (table) sugar. These sugars start out natural (beets + sugar cane) but then become so processed that they lose any nutritional value they once had.

Processed sugar is in SO many things! They add it to most all processed food found in America so make sure you are checking labels. And do not fall for the “sugar free” items either. When they take the sugar out of something, they have to add in another thing to make up for it. And that tends to be some unpronounceable, chemically made ingredient. Same for nonfat and low fat! These foods usually contain EXTRA sugar to make up for the missing fatty taste.

Women should not consume more than 100 cals (6 tsp) of sugar a day. And men no more than 150 cals (9 tsp).

So what are some good alternatives? We LOVE coconut sugar, raw organic honey, pure maple syrup as sweeteners. Some more great alternatives are cinnamon and pure vanilla! These trick your mind into thinking whatever you are consuming is sweet. And cinnamon has so many amazing benefits for you!


Ultimately, the best thing to do is to go for the fresh fruits, veggies and whole foods. Ditch those empty, disease causing cals that come with eating processed junk.

Once you break your sugar addiction, you will no longer crave it. It’s a process, but it’s worth it. Try and keep some fruit around for when you get those cruddy cravings. Or have some delish tea with a bit of raw honey.

There are also A TON of great recipes for “sweets” out there that don’t have any bad sugar. Chantelly’s Raw Coconut Snickers recipe (<<<click for deets!) is our favorite so far!

Hippocrates wasn’t BS-ing anyone when he said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Eating whole foods can cure just about any disease. Your body is one huge machine. If one thing goes out of wack, many other things will start to go out of wack. Eat right, eat clean and cure your body from the inside out.

If this post isn’t convincing enough, watch these GREAT movies (you can find them on Netflix):

+Forks Over Knives

+Food Matters

+Hungry For Change

+Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Much love XX


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