BAB: Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential


Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and head to Amazon to purchase Lauryn Evart’s book, The Skinny Confidential.

Like, no joke. Her stuff is real and it’s good.

She has everyday tips for eating right, exercising, and just living that beautiful life you were all made to do!

She’s a total babe but she works her buns off.

Our favorite thing about her is that she is alllllll about moderation. She eats hot cheetos for gosh sake! And she tells it like it is. She has figured out some KILLER ways to live life in a healthy, fun way and she shares them with the world in her book.



Lauryn is the type of woman that encourages you to not be too hard on yourself and to not expect your life to change overnight. You will have days where you would rather go to happy hour than the gym, you will cheat a little too much, you will eat a few too many oreos when you are PMS-ing. Lauryn puts it best, “Life is too short to obsess over foods in a negative way.” Give yourself a break and make better decisions tomorrow.

Another thing we just love about her…she’s not one of those girls who hides anything from her readers. She gives away all her secrets because she wants to actually help people. Like, how often do you actually find that?!

Chantelly likes to think of her as her spirit animal and has probably read her book too many times to keep track of. She has some great strength training workouts in there that Chantelly loves to do outside in her backyard. In her bathing suit. With a hat, glasses and tons of SPF of course! But gotta get that tan onnn.


Her recipes are perfect for the everyday busy girl. They are super quick but also super healthy and good for you. One of our fave recipes from the “Skinny Recipes That Will Change Your Freaking Life” chapter is the Two-Ingredient Pancakes. Like, what?!! TWO INGREDIENTS?! Who doesn’t have time for that?! And they are totally, 100% guilt-free!

We cannot forget to mention her Kombucha Spritzer because let’s be honest, we loveeee our Champagne and to be able to drink it with some Kombucha makes it healthier, right?! Jenna says yes, very much YES. Also, Blood Orange skinny margs. Tequila was our first love, when we were 19 and thought dancing on bars and stealing cowboy hats from rodeo cowboys in Rosarito was actually a good idea. We still love tequila, just -in moderation- and without mechanical bulls anywhere near.

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Anyway, we could go on and on and on but we probably should let you all check it out for yourselves.

There is so much in there about beauty, fashion and how to keep it spicy with your loverboy! MeOWW.


(And stay tuned to see how you can win the TSC guide later this week!)

But first, meet the babe behind it all!

We had the opportunity to meet Lauryn earlier this Summer and ask her a few questions to show you guys exactly why she’s a total Bowed Arrow Babe. So, lady loves, meet Lauryn!


BA: We’ve been following your story for awhile now and are always SO blown away by everything you do. You kill it at everything business and life. Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout it all?

Lauryn: Thank you, thank you! My biggest inspiration comes from all different sorts of things/people. It’s kind of like a big puzzle with a ton of pieces. I admire my fiance’s business sense, my dad’s optimism, my grandma’s spirit, etc. My inspiration also comes from my readers, Pinterest, Instagram, other entrepreneurs, magazines, online articles, friends, etc.

BA: How do you keep yourself motivated to work hard towards your dreams?

Lauryn: I think of it as brushing my teeth. I just do it! It’s a lot of discipline but at the end of the day you’re working towards YOUR goals and not someone else’s, so it makes it easier to kick your ass into gear.

I also make sure I’m stocked on cold brew coffee, a clean work space, & daily inspirations. I have an awesome team of people helping me daily. Delegating is very important when building a company. I used to think I could do it all, AND I definitely CANNOT. Ha! Having good people around you makes all the difference.

BA: What has been your biggest struggle to get to where you are now? And how did you overcome it?

Lauryn: Probably having to accept I can’t control everything. That was a big lesson.

Also, juggling a balance between work and life has been extremely difficult. I’m a work in progress and constantly trying to not work 24 hours a day. Sometimes I over do it and need to take a break. It’s important to separate work and personal life. Not everything is an Instagram, ha!

BA: What does empowering women mean to you?

Lauryn: I have always been a fan of collaborating, not competing. There’s PLENTY of room at the top and everyone is different. Collaborating is so important and it’s fun! Sharing women’s tips and tricks from all over the world is what The Skinny Confidential is all about. I’m a big fan of building women up, not tearing them down.

BA: If you could tell all women everywhere one thing, what would it be?

Lauryn: Fake it until you make it!! We all have shitty days. We all have unfortunate circumstances. FAKE it. Make it work until it does. There’s a whole chapter in The Skinny Confidential book on this.

Also, finding your niche and sticking to it is super important. Start small, grow big.

BA: What’s next for you?

Lauryn: I am working on my website re-design with my blog design company, Blog-doo. It’s taken 7 months (I am a HUGE procrastinator) so I’m getting antsy! I want it to be super simple with a touch of flair.

I recently launched The Bombshell Body Guide, a 28 week fitness program & social network of women looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

Also, I’m very much into YouTube right now, I’ll be posting a ton of videos so stay tuned!

Eventually I would love to move into products and another book.


“Be the best version of you. Even if you have to fake it for a while.”

-Lauryn Evarts, TSC

So that’s a little bit on Lauryn, one of our biggest inspirations! Be sure to follow her if you don’t already! She serves some great daily inspo and her blog posts will make you giggle a little.

And stay tuned for a fun giveaway coming to you all on Friday! ♥







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