BAB: Caitlin Calhoun of Salt & Cinnamon!


We love this girl! She is definitely one of the kindest girls we’ve ever met and she can make some meannnnn meals! We definitely enjoyed every second of this interview and cannot wait to collaborate together in the future! Hereeee weee gooo…!

BAGo ahead, introduce yourself and let us know a little more about you!

CaitlinHi there! My name is Caitlin, and I am a cooking enthusiast who loves traveling, my family & friends, art, strawberries, inking, and making people smile & laugh with good food. Oh, and Disney!

BANot only are you starting your own company, called Salt & Cinnamon, but you’re also a beautiful model! Anything else you do? How do you manage to juggle it all and still stay motivated?

CaitlinAw, thank you! I also do translational research. A shot of espresso, lots of  post-its, love and support, and giving myself time to recharge has helped me manage a crazy schedule. Motivation can be difficult at times, but when you believe in what you are doing, you jump back on track. I just try to change my perspective to where it will challenge me while being fun in some way or another. We only have one life, and it is too short not to do things that you love with the people you love.

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BAWe love your blog and the whole idea behind your company. What words best describe what Salt & Cinnamon is all about?

CaitlinThanks! Salt & Cinnamon is about inspiring people to get back in the kitchen and enjoying the flavors of each season. Whether you follow our blog or enjoy the food we make, we love how food brings people together and creates a sincere sense of communion and trust. We occasionally like to throw little seasonal pop-up dinner parties to welcome the new season, meet new friends, and give people a creative dining experience with lasting memories to follow.

BAWe’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some of the food you’ve made for different parties. What is one dish that every dinner party must have?

CaitlinI am very happy to hear you girls enjoyed it!

It changes depending on the party since we are inspired by the seasons, but I feel like a cheese board is always nice to have for your guests. It gives guests mingling time, while making last minute finishing touches to the rest of the food…and it’s cheese! Also, a bruschetta is good because there are so many variations and can easily be tailored to your party.


We seriously need this…NOW!

BAAny favorite dishes, desserts or appetizers you personally love to whip up?!

CaitlinI personally love experimenting with desserts in general – cookies during the holidays are always a favorite. Risotto has been one of my favorite things to whip up because I love Italian food and this is just the ultimate comfort dish, especially during fall and winter when all you want be is all warm and cuddly.

BAAny tips on how to throw an easy, yet killer, dinner party? We’re all about dinner parties!

CaitlinPlan and Prep, prep, prep as much as you can prior to the party with a menu you can handle! But have fun with it and remember that it’s about getting your favorite people together for a good time! Even if you aren’t finished with everything, I think it is awesome when your friends throw themselves into the kitchen with you, and you finish the food together. When I throw dinner parties/cook, I always think of it as my way of saying ‘thank you for being in my life”, and it motivates me to make it even better.

BAFor us, cooking and baking is so therapeutic and that’s one of the main reasons we love it. Where/how did your passion for food originate?

CaitlinCooking and baking is very therapeutic for me too.  My passion for food originated from my parents. Food brings a sense of togetherness. My mom and I always use to cook and bake together – especially during the holidays. She had a magical knack for making healthy dishes without jeopardizing taste, and every time we went to a party, everybody would hover over her food – it was always the first to go! She would always experiment with food too which was fun. My dad taught me that people eat with their eyes first – so he instilled the importance of presentation with food.

While traveling and exploring different cultures, I loved the sense of genuine communion it brought to people. Friends, even strangers, would generally wait for each other and talk for hours, laughing and having a good time being themselves. I wanted to bring that back to the events and food prepared, as well as create new dining experiences.



BAWhat has been the biggest challenge when it comes to starting your own business?

CaitlinThe biggest struggle has been the financial sacrifice, especially knowing that there are no guarantees…which makes it even harder, but also just as exciting to make it count.

BAWhat does a day in the life of Caitlin entail?

CailtinOh, goodness – Everyday is a little different for me. I usually work out early every other morning. The core of my day is working at the lab with different projects, and then I typically wind down at night with S&C work, or other personal endeavors. But when I get called for a shoot or have an event on the agenda for Salt & Cinnamon, I adjust my schedule accordingly where I can make sure to have time to accomplish the things I need done. Sometimes I will have really slow days, and sometimes insanely busy days! It’s all about taking a deep breath and being open and flexible to change.


How gorgeous is she?! Ahh!

BAWhat would you say is the best tip for boosting self-confidence?

CailtinKnow that there is only one beautiful YOU. That’s a pretty cool thing if you think about it!

BAWhat’s your favorite way to relax?

CaitlinIt is hard to get me to actually sit down, but drawing has been one of my favorite ways to relax along with just getting outside into nature and exploring new places, catching up with friends,  reading, video games or movies on lazier days…with a cup of tea, of course.


BAAnd how about your favorite way to pump yourself up?

CaitlinBeing active in some way, or listening to my favorite tunes as I embarrass myself pretending I can dance.  And apparently…grocery shopping.

BAIf you could pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

CaitlinEek…I don’t know. “Caitlin” because that’s me. :3

BAWhat are the best piece(s) 😉 of life advice you’ve received?

CailtinThe best advice I can give you is to never follow the recipe.” – Mom

“Show, not tell.” -Dad

“If somebody wants to do something, they are going to find a way, if they don’t want to do it, they are going to find an excuse.” -Andande (aka Swoozie)

Stay humble. Laugh often.


BAWhat does empowering women mean to you?

CaitlinIt means genuinely supporting and inspiring each other. We’re all in this together.

BAIf you could tell all women everywhere one thing, what would it be?

CaitlinYou are enough. Women AND Men – you are enough.

So, love yourself.

BAWhat’s next for you?

CaitlinI can’t tell you exactly where I am going to be long term, but Salt and Cinnamon is growing, I am growing, and I like where I am heading so far!  But on the short-term list, I’ll be running my first half-marathon for Disney’s Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend- something I thought I could never do. It has been one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I have done – but it is so worth it, especially when people have got your back! It’s my symbolic journey training as a Padawan and emerging a Jedi at the finish line!

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