BAB: Kari White of Mayor B!


Kari White, we can’t even begin to describe how excited we are to have you featured as our Bowed Arrows Babe of the month! Jenna has known Kari for over 10 years and when we first learned about her project, Mayor B, we just couldn’t get enough.
BA: Mayor B. is essentially insanely creative and adorable pictures of your French Bulldog, so what was the inspiration behind it? Did you always have plans of selling the artwork or did it start as fun?

KW: It started as a fun project, I had a camera and started taking photos of my dog Rambo. I gave them out as presents but then people started to take notice and want them for their homes. The demand grew so I made large prints with custom frames and resin and began to sell them here in Los Angeles. Obviously there was a lot of trial and error, but I learned the craft from my circle of artistic friends.

From there I started Mayor B. Not just as a company, but more an interpretation of my dogs personality. He’s a boss, and I felt like when it came to lifestyle products he deserved so much more than anything I could buy. I started making him custom leather and brass collars, modified vintage pieces, and handmade leather harnesses. People started to take notice and I realized that I wasn’t alone in thinking my dog was more than just a pet.

BA: We totally understand that! We are huge dog lovers here at Bowed Arrows. Tell us more about your charming pup!

KW: I got Rambo as a puppy, he’s my Christmas baby. I was always into photography and when Rambo was a puppy I tried dressing him up just to see what would happen. He would sit there with an air of confidence (that can easily be mistaken for arrogance). He was so human like, he looked good and he knew it…ha! Pet photography can be so campy, and I was hoping to make photos that would put you in a good mood without being silly. I know I’m not the only one who sees a picture of their pet and smiles and I wanted to share that with those around me.


BA: What does a day in the life of Kari White and Mayor B. entail?

KW: I work in an industrial space in downtown owned by my friends at Croft House. They design and build modern furniture here in LA and have been extremely helpful with Mayor B. We have a shared vision of working with skilled craftsmen to make quality goods. Its an inspiring environment because of the industrial aesthetic. There’s something about being near band saws and drill presses that fits so well with Mayor B.

BA: What’s your favorite Mayor B. shot?

KW: My favorite piece is the “Prince of Pop” inspired by Warhol.  For some reason it makes me question my sanity hahahaha!


BA: What’s next for you and Mayor B?

KW: Everything we have been creating is all for the love of our pets. Now we are working on spreading the message and building a community of like minded friends. We have retail partnerships here in Los Angeles that are fantastic and have been providing us with support and encouragement and plan on expanding east to NYC and Minneapolis in the future. New products like dog bowls, food storage, collars and leashes are around the corner. Overall I love creating Mayor B, it makes me happy and inspired and I love being able to share that with others.

BA: What did you want to be when you grew up?

KW: I always wanted to have my own cooking show like Paula Dean & The Barefoot Contessa…. I used to make my brothers film me making chicken and lasagna and stuff…I called it ”Kooking with Kari”  hahaha!

(We have tried a few of the recipes…delicious!)

BA: What does confidence mean to you and how do you achieve it?

KW: I think confidence obviously comes from owning your strengths, but also being able to recognize your weaknesses and having the guts to try and strengthen them.

FullSizeRender (57)


BA: Any tips to supplement a healthy lifestyle for the other busy girls of the world?

KW: I’m really into nutrition and good fats…I think making time to eat healthy is key when you’re busy and stressed out. What you put in your body reflects your mood and your energy, and I think its all about staying consistent and as close to the ground as possible, so staying away from a lot of sugar and processed crap.  I also swear by brain foods like avocados and fish oil!

BA: What’s your favorite way to relax?

KW: Definitely reading…I’m a total sci-fi / fantasy book nerd so its my escape.

BA: And how about pumping yourself up?

KW: I think playing soccer, surfing, and physical activities are when I do most of my thinking. I have a ton of energy so sometimes I need to just go on a hike or kick the ball around with my friends and it really motivates me with work. My biggest inspiration comes when I make time to go antique shopping.

mayorb 3

BA: Something you are totally obsessed with right now?

KW: Metal work. I learned how to weld from one of my friends and completely out of control with it. Its like an extreme version of a glue gun hahaha

BA: I’m sure we have some curious readers, so how can they get Mayor B. artwork and clothing?

KW: Everything is up on my site I also love special projects with my art, so feel free to email me.


There you have it, BABes! To learn more about Mayor B. you can check out their website:

Instagram: @mayorb


Twitter: @_mayorb

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Bowed Arrow Babe: Kelly Arthur


Welcome back, Babes! Today we are introducing you to the wonderful artist and friend that assisted in our photo shoot and helped design our logo! She is an amazing artist and one of the most adorable people we have ever met. From greeting cards to amazing paintings, this woman is rocking it and we can’t wait to see where her talent takes her. Here she is, our Bowed Arrow Babe of the week:

Kelly Arthur


BA: So, let’s jump in and talk about your art work. You are obviously creating our logo and we are super excited about that. When did your passion for art begin?

Kelly Arthur: Super young. I’ve made cards for my family since I can remember. I think first grade is the first time I thought “Ya, this is what I love to do”. We had an assignment to set up a “business” and mine was drawing Disney characters and selling them. I wanted to work for disney. That didn’t pan out… yet. Ha! And I’ve been doodling on everything ever since. I was caught a few times by teachers doing drawings of them in class, even in college.

BA: That’s awesome. So, it’s definitely not something new for you! You started a greeting card business recently, tell us more about that!

Kelly Arthur: I’ve been making custom greeting cards for people, mostly by word of mouth through family and friends as well as selling christmas cards and gift tags at different outlets as a side deal for years. Finally I decided to start an Etsy store. It’s in it’s early stages but I’m excited about it. I’ve had my website on the back burner for years so I’m hoping to get it synced with my Etsy shop here soon. I do everything from cards to huge acrylic paintings. I’ve had an art show and I have some paintings up at a wine bar in Long Beach and a couple other showings.


BA: Sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully, we will be seeing your work with Disney soon:)
Which wine bar?

Kelly Arthur: That would be awesome! The District. It’s owned by the neatest couple who feature local artists.

BA: That’s great! You’ll have to send us some pictures so everyone can see your work!
How do you stay motivated and keep your creative juices flowing?

Kelly Arthur: I do have a Facebook page for it: Kelly Kathleen Art
I’m lucky to have creative friends, like our mutual friend Marissa. Having people around you who support you and have similar aspirations is huge. Even searching the internet and finding random things to draw or paint. I can walk around card stores like Paper Source and get ideas. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I have a sketchbook that I doodle in constantly.


BA: We totally agree! We can all help keep each other motivated now!

Kelly Arthur: I have some friends that will send me drawings or cards and say “you could so do this in a more creative way….do it” Ha!

BA: That’s rad! Encouraging friends are the best friends! And it’s nice to have someone to go to for new logo help too!

Kelly Arthur: Amen sister!

BA: Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10 years?

Kelly Arthur: Gracious, that question. 5 years, I’d love to make a name for Kelly Kathleen ART or even some sort of collaboration, whether it be with a fellow artist or working for a company like Papyrus. I want to make art my sole income and maybe have a couple more art shows under my belt. 10 years? I would love to own an actual shop. A boutique, where local artists can sell and I can have my art up as well…That has coffee and champs. A spot people can come and be creative together. Those are my art aspirations anyway.


BA: Champs! You’re speaking our language!
We wiil hang out in your shop and drink champagne and admire art any day!

Kelly Arthur: Right? How fun does that sound? Marissa Aguilar and I have talked a lot about it.

BA: You two would have the cutest shop!

Kelly Arthur: I think so. She’s been making jewelry and screen prints. I think it would be so fun to work together!

BA: Totally! What does a perfect day look like to you?

Kelly Arthur: Oh man, I’m pretty easy. Brunch, beach cruisers and dog beach.

BA: Sounds perfect! Especially since brunch means champagne!

Kelly Arthur: I figured that went without saying! It isn’t brunch without champagne!

BA: Yep! Any advice for others who are interested in starting their own business?

Kelly Arthur: The more I talk to people who have started companies and those, like me, who are just starting out, tenacity is so important. We’ve all heard actors say “you just have to be ok with hearing ‘you’re not good enough’ and ‘no’ …starting a business can be very similar. Even if it’s you, yourself, being the doubter. I’ve been my own worst enemy. My advice is everyday keep at it. Make a list. Check those boxes off everyday. Even if it’s only one. My mom has suggested to me: “Accomplish something toward your goal everyday. Even if it’s something small.” I’m still working on taking that advice!

Marissa Aguilar, Kelly Arthur and your Bowed Arrows founders relaxing after a long day of work!
Marissa Aguilar, Kelly Arthur and your Bowed Arrows founders relaxing after a long day of work!

BA: And great advice it is! It’s hard to stay motivated when you get sidetracked or feel like you have doubters, but you just gonna keep on swimming. We know you loved art from an early age, but was there anything else you wanted to be when you grew up?

Kelly Arthur: And I’m easily sidetracked, so I need to take my own advice! When I was young and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grown up this was literally my answer “I want to either work for Disney, own a football team or be a race car driver.” My driving record shows that I’ve put a valiant effort into the racing career with no success, just a poor driving record. As far as owning a football team? Yeah, I’m a few dollars short and I know nothing about football. Except that I’m a fan of the activities involved while watching football: Drinking and eating and socializing. Ha! So art was my best bet.

BA: Some of our favorite things too! What does confidence mean to you and how do you achieve it?

Kelly Arthur: Confidence, to me, means being at peace with what God has blessed you with. Own it. Find joy in it. To surround yourself with people who remind you that you have a purpose, because doubting yourself is really exhausting. Believing doubts others may have in you is a waste of time. Confidence is liberating. Not gonna lie, everyday I struggle with confidence. I read those Pinterest quotes “She believed she could, so she did” and sometimes want to vomit, but there is some truth to them.

BA: Totally! Sometimes those quotes are a great reminder. We couldn’t agree more! Fake it until you become it!

Kelly Arthur: Word!

BA: Any tips to supplement a healthy lifestyle for the other busy girls of the world?

Kelly Arthur: Take the stairs! I just got a fitbit. We’ll see how that pans out. My grandmas told me the funniest saying growing up “get your liver jumping everyday.” So have Champagne for breakfast? I kid…kinda. But seriously, to keep moving. Working out all the time is hard, but taking a walk while on the phone instead of just sitting. Taking the stairs. Parking in the farther spot. Sounds like silly advice but it’s actually really good. Oh and drink more water! Less soda and sugary drinks. It’s just more sugar. Plus, your body and skin will thank you in the short term and long run!

BA: Yes, we are all about that! Small things add up over time! What’s your favorite way to relax?

Kelly Arthur: So cliche, but either a bath with a glass of wine or jacuzzi with a glass of wine. I don’t know what it is but it’s like my Xanax. Or sitting in my pjs watching Dateline. You’d think that would stress me out!

BA: (Laughter) Seriously! But at least you will know what to look out for in scary situations!

Kelly Arthur: Exactly! That’s my thought process anyway. Or I know what not to do if I ever become a criminal.


BA: (Laughter) Hopefully that never happens! And how about pumping yourself up?

Kelly Arthur: Good tunes! Seriously, music makes everything better!

BA: If you could describe yourself in a song, what would it be?

Kelly Arthur: A song I made up or an actual song? Or should that be obvious?

BA: Hell, if you’ve written a song about yourself we would love to hear it! But, an actual song will work!

Kelly Arthur: Ha! Well somewhere in between Video by India Arie and Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert. That was a tough question!

BA: Yes!!! We love a good kickass girl power anthem!
Something you are totally obsessed with right now?

Kelly Arthur: My friend got me The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s kit to make their Winter’s Dream latte at home. I’ve been making a lot of them. And as always my Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper chapstick. I can’t go anywhere without it.


BA: (Chantel) OMG I love that drink! (Jenna) Chapstick queen over here! I’ll have to try that one!

Kelly Arthur: Get the kit. You can make them with a quarter of the vanilla stuff so they aren’t so bad for you! And you’ll never need another chapstick.

BA: Oh good tip! We will def have to do that! What does empowering women mean to you?

Kelly Arthur: Loving on them! Not being afraid to compliment, even if you don’t know them. That little “You have great hair” to a woman you don’t know in the grocery aisle could go a long way. She could have been feeling poorly about something and that made her day. Compliment away! But don’t lie. Ha.

BA: Love that! Random compliments are the best! Ok, last one girlie!

If you could tell all women everywhere one thing, what would it be?

Kelly Arthur: You know, I hate cheesy but my favorite, Audrey Hepburn, said it best “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible'”.

BA: (Jenna) Oh, you know how much I love Audrey as well. Not cheesy at all. Quite perfect, actually. Thank you so much, Kelly. We really enjoyed this. Can’t wait to see the logos and collab on more things in the near future!

FullSizeRender (6)

Kelly Arthur: Heck ya! And Thank you! You girls are so awesome! I had so much fun being apart of your photoshoot day!

To learn more about Kelly and her artwork, you can check her out on Facebook, Instagram or Etsy!

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New Fave: Twinkle, Twinkle Lil’ Jar!


Hello and Happy Friday, Babes! We wanted to share our newest favorite thing…Twinkle, Twinkle Lil’ Jar! Shop owner, Alexis Ryan, is a hard working Mother of two that handcrafts and creates the CUTEST custom drink ware. Tumblr, mason jar, coffee cup, wine glass…she does it all and we are obsessed!


I mean…who doesn’t love wine even more when the glass is COVERED IN GLITTER!



And then you have the days where you need just a little extra encouragement and sparkle to wake up and kick butt!


Plus, a constant reminder throughout the day that life is what you make of it and you can only live true to yourself!


So, go on! Head over to the Twinkle, Twinkle, Lil’ Jar’s Etsy shop

or website

and add a little sparkle to your beverages and your day!

Happy Friday, Babes! Make the most of it!

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