BAB: Jen Herter of Macronage


Babes, today we are introducing you to Jen Herter of Macoranage in San Diego. We have had the pleasure of knowing Jen since junior high school and have loved watching her journey from turning her passion into a business. Meet Jen!


BA: Where did you first get the inspiration to start your own business?

J: I’ve always loved business in general which is why I got my degree in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University. However, I knew that in order to start my own business and have it be successful it would have to be something that I was truly passionate about. I’ve always loved cooking and good food, but it wasn’t until after college that I really focused in on pastry. I got inspired by the amazing restaurants in San Diego and watching way too much Food Network so finally I decided I wanted to start a bakery. In order to learn the technique and get the knowledge I would need to run a bakery, I attend The French Pastry School in Chicago. It was at pastry school when I decided to focus on french macarons.

BA: The macarons always look so delicious. Is that just your speciality or do you strictly stick to macarons?

J: Right now I only do macarons. Macarons are tricky to make so I like the challenge and niche market. Plus focusing on just macarons allows me to really play with flavor and designs. We offer macarons a la cart, macaron favors and macaron towers. I’ve always taken the approach that it’s better to do one thing exceptionally well than a bunch of things just average.


BA: What are some challenges you faced starting a company on your own?

J: It’s always a lot more work and a lot more money than you expect it to be. Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out how to get started. It truly has to be a labor of love.

BA: You are based in San Diego but do you have any plans of getting your delicious treats to other areas?

J: We currently serve the San Diego and Temecula area. At this time, there’s more than enough business for me in just these locations!

BA: Where should the fine people of San Diego go to grab some yummy macarons?

J: Because we completely customize the macarons for each order, we focus on weddings and events only. We have a minimum order of 50 macarons or more which includes free delivery within San Diego county. We typically set up a tasting with customers prior to their wedding or event where they can try 5 flavors. At the tasting we discuss more about their wedding/event and the specifics.


BA: Tell us about pastry school? That sounds fun…and dangerous.

J: It was fun and dangerous because you take home everything you make and let me just say, my diet was about 90% carbs and sugar during that time. So of course it was amazing and one of the best experiences of my life. It also didn’t hurt that it was in Chicago so I constantly had friends visit me.

BA: You recently got married. Is your husband your guinea pig for new recipes?

J: Most definitely, although he’s not the best judge because he says “everything you touch turns to gold”. So sweet, but so not true.



BA: Was starting your own company always a dream of yours?

J: YES!!!!

BA: What’s next for you and Macaronage?

J: I plan on continuing to grow my business in the weddings and events markets. I really enjoy working with brides and grooms and it’s such a huge industry.

BA: What are some tricks you use for balancing a busy life?

J: Hahaha I wish I knew. It helps that I really like being busy and I love being creative. Sometimes I do get overwhelmed but I’ve been getting better at saying “no” to things as of late.

BA: Any healthy tips for the rest of us sweets lovers?

J: Everything in moderation. I love sweets and eat dessert every day but I try to limit the portion size of my dessert. That means 1 or 2 macarons instead of 3 or 4. Also, exercise is just a good thing.


BA: What’s your favorite way to pump yourself or turn your mood around?

J: Working out always turns my frown upside down. Also, creative projects in general help me unwind most of the time.

BA: What about your favorite way to wind down?

J: My husband and I love TV. I know that’s not a great thing to admit to but we have a few shows we really enjoy watching together. (BA says this in moderation isn’t such a bad thing!)

BA: Best advice you were ever given?

J: I think my parents really did a good job encouraging me to take educated risks. Do your research and plan first but don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Failing is just a learning experience.


BA: Who is your biggest inspiration?

J: I don’t really have one person that inspires me except for Jesus. I think there are pieces of a lot of great people that inspire me in different ways. I want to take the best qualities from all the great people around me and become that person.

BA: If you could tell all women and girls everywhere one thing, what would it be?

J: You’ve got to be your own biggest fan. You are valuable and talented and full of potential so act like it.


Need some macarons for an event or just some Instagram dessert inspiration? You can check out Macaronage here:


Instagram: macaronagesd



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Family Time


It seems these days that we get so caught up in work, social life, chasing our dreams, etc., that we often don’t take time to appreciate and be grateful for what and who is surrounding us. We become concerned with what we don’t have and take for granted all of the wonderful things that we do have.

One of the biggest things that is easy to take for granted is family. We all have one. Some of us were born with really good ones, some of us were accepted into one and some of us had to make our own. Family does not always mean blood, but rather a group of people that completely accepts you at your best and your worst and has your best interest in mind.

Sometimes, all we really need when we feel stressed or overwhelmed, is to simply be with our families. Turn off our phones, don’t go out with friends, stay off Instagram. Just be with your family and have real conversations and soak in all the wonderful feelings you can get from just simply being surrounded with people that you love and who love you back.

We got a lot of that this past weekend and it did wonders. It’s better than a spa day. It’s a rejuvenation for every part of you.

Instead of just turning-off your electronics today, turn-off all of your worries and cares and let the love of your family consume you.

Enjoy your day, Babes.




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Turn-off and Pack a Picnic!


Happy Thursday, Babes!

We are obsessing over the weather lately and it’s making us want to get outside every chance we get, which is making a turn-off day easier than ever!

So, why not save money and spend time with friends and loved ones by packing a picnic and hiding away in one of your favorite outdoor spots? Or, explore a new spot!

Last weekend, a little exploration uncovered a beautiful hiking spot and waterfalls! A real treat in person!

image1 IMG_7019

Try out some new recipes for the picnic as well. How about this amazing Caprese pasta salad

caprese pasta

or a Chopped Salad in a Cup!

cup salad

and we can’t forget a nice refreshing drink! This Rosewater Lemonade has our mouths watering!


So pack a bag or basket, make sure to bring sunscreen and go explore! It would be a shame to waste this beautiful weather and not see all the wonderful views the world has to offer!

Oh, PS…We have recently seen some super cute picnic baskets at TJMaxx…go hunt and see if you can snag one!





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Turn Off: Date Night!

FullSizeRender (35)

Welcome back to Turn-Off Thursday, Babes!

Last week we talked about taking yourself on a date but in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to give you some ideas for an electronic and crowd-free date night! Now, these fun ideas can be used for couples, friends or groups. There is no reason we all can’t celebrate love, regardless of our relationship status.

We both LOVE Valentine’s Day. Jenna is running strong on her 8th Valentine’s Day without a significant other, while Chantelly is celebrating her 2nd V-Day with her beau and they both love the holiday more than ever. Between baking sweets for friends and family, pink champagne all day and an extra excuse to tell people you love them, it’s a great time!

FullSizeRender (42)
Celebrate Love! Not just romance!

Since we want to encourage you to put down the electronics at least once a week, we have come up with some great ways to spend Valentine’s Day without making a reservation or sitting quietly in a dark theatre. This is a time to celebrate LOVE and you can’t do that without looking at or speaking to the people you love. That being said, try to spend your time together without phones, TV’s, computers or anything else that could distract you from really enjoying each other’s company.

1) Bike Ride and Picnic: This is so easy and so much fun. If you don’t own a bike, they are usually easy to rent or you can opt for a nice walk around town. Find a park, beach or other spot you love and unpack the picnic. Make some of your significant others/friends/family’s favorite treats, include their favorite beverage and maybe a deck of cards or other fun game. If it’s cold in your area, picnic inside! Set up a blanket and basket in your living room so you can feel like you aren’t at home! You can really enjoy just spending some quality time together.

2) Hiking: We love to hike! Whether it’s an easy, long trail or an intense, uphill battle, it’s gets blood pumping and the scenery is amazing. There is nothing but you, your company and nature and it is a wonderful time to talk and be present in the moment.

FullSizeRender (37)
Chantelly and her love on a beautiful hike!

3) Make Dinner Together: There is something about cooking with other people that really forms a bond. You have to work together and agree on something you both enjoy. It’s a perfect time to turn on some feel-good music, have a cocktail and learn more about the people you are with. Make dinner a theme! Italian food, wine and opera music. Mexican food, margaritas and Selena (we love her), Southern food, homemade lemonade and country music. It will be a great time no matter what you choose!

4) Try Something New: Has your friend/ partner always wanted to teach you something? Have you been putting off exploring a nearby attraction? Are you a new couple or new friends? This is a perfect excuse to learn something new and to learn more about your Valentine’s Day PIC. Try something you have never done, let a guy teach you about his favorite sport, go somewhere you have never been and play 20 questions along the way. It will be a great way to learn more about someone, even someone you thought you knew everything about.

FullSizeRender (33)
Jenna learning the proper way to swing at a driving range and nailing it!

5) Write letters: With all the love in the air, it’s a perfect time to express how you feel. Gift giving can sometimes be a daunting and expensive task, so why not give them something that really matters. A hand-written letter is a great way to tell someone how you feel without actually having to speak the words (that can be scary)! Write the letters in the same room, then exchange them and read them either out loud or to yourself, whatever is more comfortable. A great way to bond!

6) Volunteer Together: There is always good to be done, so why not take the time to do good together! You can volunteer at a local food bank, homeless shelter, children’s organization, Habitat for Humanity, etc. The options are endless and doing good together will strengthen your bond.

Build a bond through doing good together!

7) Game Night: Who doesn’t love games? Okay, well we know a few people, so just don’t play with them! Pick 1 or 2 of your favorite games, get a group of friends together, have everyone bring a dish and just hang out! There will surely be a lot of laughter and a little competition never hurt anyone? We have found that games leave a lot of room for flirting as well!

8) Memory Lane: Break out the photo albums! Whether you haven’t looked through photos since you started dating or you have old yearbooks stashed away in the closet, looking through old photos is a great way to bring back good feelings and maybe even reignite a spark in your relationship. Turn on popular music from the years that you are looking at and enjoy the laughs and tears that will surely ensue!

FullSizeRender (41)
Celebrating how much we love each other (and our dear friend, Liv) a few years ago! Time flies!

9) Care Packages: Long distance? We LOVE care packages. Care packages are a great way to remind people you love them and are thinking of them. Whether it is something silly, something practical or some treats, they will really enjoy getting the gift and you will enjoy putting it together!

FullSizeRender (40)
Chantelly’s care package to Jenna after she moved to Texas and couldn’t find the taco sauce she loved!

10) Tours: Wine tasting, brewery tours, museum, art shows…the list goes on. It’s fun to see things people have made, history or just sip on some delicious drinks! Couple, group, family…it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re together!

FullSizeRender (34)
Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!

11) Bake Treats: Try out some new recipes and give them to friends and coworkers! Have a few friends over and you can each choose a recipe from Pinterest and bake away! There will be so many goodies to try and even more to give out on Valentine’s Day! A great way to get your baking bug cured and have an excuse to not leave all the sweets at home!

FullSizeRender (43)
Did someone say cookies?

There are so many great ideas that don’t cost money and will help you spend quality time with your loved ones. It is so important to be present and to give people your time and complete attention. Being on your phone or computer or watching TV is a distraction and basically just rude. Communication is so important in friendships and relationships of every kind. If we take the time to really talk, really listen and really just enjoy each other’s company, we will be amazed with how much we learn, grow and enjoy the people we are with.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and whatever day you choose to Turn-Off this week, make sure you do it with someone you love!



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Bowed Arrow Babe: Kelly Arthur


Welcome back, Babes! Today we are introducing you to the wonderful artist and friend that assisted in our photo shoot and helped design our logo! She is an amazing artist and one of the most adorable people we have ever met. From greeting cards to amazing paintings, this woman is rocking it and we can’t wait to see where her talent takes her. Here she is, our Bowed Arrow Babe of the week:

Kelly Arthur


BA: So, let’s jump in and talk about your art work. You are obviously creating our logo and we are super excited about that. When did your passion for art begin?

Kelly Arthur: Super young. I’ve made cards for my family since I can remember. I think first grade is the first time I thought “Ya, this is what I love to do”. We had an assignment to set up a “business” and mine was drawing Disney characters and selling them. I wanted to work for disney. That didn’t pan out… yet. Ha! And I’ve been doodling on everything ever since. I was caught a few times by teachers doing drawings of them in class, even in college.

BA: That’s awesome. So, it’s definitely not something new for you! You started a greeting card business recently, tell us more about that!

Kelly Arthur: I’ve been making custom greeting cards for people, mostly by word of mouth through family and friends as well as selling christmas cards and gift tags at different outlets as a side deal for years. Finally I decided to start an Etsy store. It’s in it’s early stages but I’m excited about it. I’ve had my website on the back burner for years so I’m hoping to get it synced with my Etsy shop here soon. I do everything from cards to huge acrylic paintings. I’ve had an art show and I have some paintings up at a wine bar in Long Beach and a couple other showings.


BA: Sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully, we will be seeing your work with Disney soon:)
Which wine bar?

Kelly Arthur: That would be awesome! The District. It’s owned by the neatest couple who feature local artists.

BA: That’s great! You’ll have to send us some pictures so everyone can see your work!
How do you stay motivated and keep your creative juices flowing?

Kelly Arthur: I do have a Facebook page for it: Kelly Kathleen Art
I’m lucky to have creative friends, like our mutual friend Marissa. Having people around you who support you and have similar aspirations is huge. Even searching the internet and finding random things to draw or paint. I can walk around card stores like Paper Source and get ideas. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I have a sketchbook that I doodle in constantly.


BA: We totally agree! We can all help keep each other motivated now!

Kelly Arthur: I have some friends that will send me drawings or cards and say “you could so do this in a more creative way….do it” Ha!

BA: That’s rad! Encouraging friends are the best friends! And it’s nice to have someone to go to for new logo help too!

Kelly Arthur: Amen sister!

BA: Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10 years?

Kelly Arthur: Gracious, that question. 5 years, I’d love to make a name for Kelly Kathleen ART or even some sort of collaboration, whether it be with a fellow artist or working for a company like Papyrus. I want to make art my sole income and maybe have a couple more art shows under my belt. 10 years? I would love to own an actual shop. A boutique, where local artists can sell and I can have my art up as well…That has coffee and champs. A spot people can come and be creative together. Those are my art aspirations anyway.


BA: Champs! You’re speaking our language!
We wiil hang out in your shop and drink champagne and admire art any day!

Kelly Arthur: Right? How fun does that sound? Marissa Aguilar and I have talked a lot about it.

BA: You two would have the cutest shop!

Kelly Arthur: I think so. She’s been making jewelry and screen prints. I think it would be so fun to work together!

BA: Totally! What does a perfect day look like to you?

Kelly Arthur: Oh man, I’m pretty easy. Brunch, beach cruisers and dog beach.

BA: Sounds perfect! Especially since brunch means champagne!

Kelly Arthur: I figured that went without saying! It isn’t brunch without champagne!

BA: Yep! Any advice for others who are interested in starting their own business?

Kelly Arthur: The more I talk to people who have started companies and those, like me, who are just starting out, tenacity is so important. We’ve all heard actors say “you just have to be ok with hearing ‘you’re not good enough’ and ‘no’ …starting a business can be very similar. Even if it’s you, yourself, being the doubter. I’ve been my own worst enemy. My advice is everyday keep at it. Make a list. Check those boxes off everyday. Even if it’s only one. My mom has suggested to me: “Accomplish something toward your goal everyday. Even if it’s something small.” I’m still working on taking that advice!

Marissa Aguilar, Kelly Arthur and your Bowed Arrows founders relaxing after a long day of work!
Marissa Aguilar, Kelly Arthur and your Bowed Arrows founders relaxing after a long day of work!

BA: And great advice it is! It’s hard to stay motivated when you get sidetracked or feel like you have doubters, but you just gonna keep on swimming. We know you loved art from an early age, but was there anything else you wanted to be when you grew up?

Kelly Arthur: And I’m easily sidetracked, so I need to take my own advice! When I was young and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grown up this was literally my answer “I want to either work for Disney, own a football team or be a race car driver.” My driving record shows that I’ve put a valiant effort into the racing career with no success, just a poor driving record. As far as owning a football team? Yeah, I’m a few dollars short and I know nothing about football. Except that I’m a fan of the activities involved while watching football: Drinking and eating and socializing. Ha! So art was my best bet.

BA: Some of our favorite things too! What does confidence mean to you and how do you achieve it?

Kelly Arthur: Confidence, to me, means being at peace with what God has blessed you with. Own it. Find joy in it. To surround yourself with people who remind you that you have a purpose, because doubting yourself is really exhausting. Believing doubts others may have in you is a waste of time. Confidence is liberating. Not gonna lie, everyday I struggle with confidence. I read those Pinterest quotes “She believed she could, so she did” and sometimes want to vomit, but there is some truth to them.

BA: Totally! Sometimes those quotes are a great reminder. We couldn’t agree more! Fake it until you become it!

Kelly Arthur: Word!

BA: Any tips to supplement a healthy lifestyle for the other busy girls of the world?

Kelly Arthur: Take the stairs! I just got a fitbit. We’ll see how that pans out. My grandmas told me the funniest saying growing up “get your liver jumping everyday.” So have Champagne for breakfast? I kid…kinda. But seriously, to keep moving. Working out all the time is hard, but taking a walk while on the phone instead of just sitting. Taking the stairs. Parking in the farther spot. Sounds like silly advice but it’s actually really good. Oh and drink more water! Less soda and sugary drinks. It’s just more sugar. Plus, your body and skin will thank you in the short term and long run!

BA: Yes, we are all about that! Small things add up over time! What’s your favorite way to relax?

Kelly Arthur: So cliche, but either a bath with a glass of wine or jacuzzi with a glass of wine. I don’t know what it is but it’s like my Xanax. Or sitting in my pjs watching Dateline. You’d think that would stress me out!

BA: (Laughter) Seriously! But at least you will know what to look out for in scary situations!

Kelly Arthur: Exactly! That’s my thought process anyway. Or I know what not to do if I ever become a criminal.


BA: (Laughter) Hopefully that never happens! And how about pumping yourself up?

Kelly Arthur: Good tunes! Seriously, music makes everything better!

BA: If you could describe yourself in a song, what would it be?

Kelly Arthur: A song I made up or an actual song? Or should that be obvious?

BA: Hell, if you’ve written a song about yourself we would love to hear it! But, an actual song will work!

Kelly Arthur: Ha! Well somewhere in between Video by India Arie and Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert. That was a tough question!

BA: Yes!!! We love a good kickass girl power anthem!
Something you are totally obsessed with right now?

Kelly Arthur: My friend got me The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s kit to make their Winter’s Dream latte at home. I’ve been making a lot of them. And as always my Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper chapstick. I can’t go anywhere without it.


BA: (Chantel) OMG I love that drink! (Jenna) Chapstick queen over here! I’ll have to try that one!

Kelly Arthur: Get the kit. You can make them with a quarter of the vanilla stuff so they aren’t so bad for you! And you’ll never need another chapstick.

BA: Oh good tip! We will def have to do that! What does empowering women mean to you?

Kelly Arthur: Loving on them! Not being afraid to compliment, even if you don’t know them. That little “You have great hair” to a woman you don’t know in the grocery aisle could go a long way. She could have been feeling poorly about something and that made her day. Compliment away! But don’t lie. Ha.

BA: Love that! Random compliments are the best! Ok, last one girlie!

If you could tell all women everywhere one thing, what would it be?

Kelly Arthur: You know, I hate cheesy but my favorite, Audrey Hepburn, said it best “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible'”.

BA: (Jenna) Oh, you know how much I love Audrey as well. Not cheesy at all. Quite perfect, actually. Thank you so much, Kelly. We really enjoyed this. Can’t wait to see the logos and collab on more things in the near future!

FullSizeRender (6)

Kelly Arthur: Heck ya! And Thank you! You girls are so awesome! I had so much fun being apart of your photoshoot day!

To learn more about Kelly and her artwork, you can check her out on Facebook, Instagram or Etsy!

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New Fave: Twinkle, Twinkle Lil’ Jar!


Hello and Happy Friday, Babes! We wanted to share our newest favorite thing…Twinkle, Twinkle Lil’ Jar! Shop owner, Alexis Ryan, is a hard working Mother of two that handcrafts and creates the CUTEST custom drink ware. Tumblr, mason jar, coffee cup, wine glass…she does it all and we are obsessed!


I mean…who doesn’t love wine even more when the glass is COVERED IN GLITTER!



And then you have the days where you need just a little extra encouragement and sparkle to wake up and kick butt!


Plus, a constant reminder throughout the day that life is what you make of it and you can only live true to yourself!


So, go on! Head over to the Twinkle, Twinkle, Lil’ Jar’s Etsy shop

or website

and add a little sparkle to your beverages and your day!

Happy Friday, Babes! Make the most of it!

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BABS: Bowed Arrows Founders


Hello, babes! Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday. When we were brainstorming who should be our first Bowed Arrow Babe of the week for the new year and the blog launch we pointed at one another. So, we decided that the best way to introduce ourselves to the community and get the BABs segment rolling was to interview each other with a fun game of 20 questions. You get a chance to see who we are not only by our answers, but also by the types of questions we ask. We each wrote a little bio about each other because often times the people who love us see us in a better light than we see ourselves and that kind of encouragement is exactly what we are about here at Bowed Arrows. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more Bowed Arrows Babes in the future.


Jenna Lovelis: co-founder of Bowed Arrows & writer at Twenty Something & Lovelis

Jenna is an amazing women full of the best dreams and aspirations. She is such an inspiration to so many because she lives her life in a way we all wish we would: positively and with no regrets. She has the BIGGEST heart you’ll ever come across and would drop whatever she is doing for someone in need. She’s seen ups and she’s seen downs but she has never let the downs keep her there for long (follow along as she writes about her journey on Twenty Something & Lovelis!). She is full of life and knows how to enjoy and love every second of it- even the lows. She is a strong women with the best go-getter attitude. She’s creative, she’s witty and she’s the type you could take anywhere. She’s the type you want to take everywhere. Her confidence and smile light up the room and she is loved by everyone she comes across. She is admired for her loyalty and respect for others. She’s beauty, she’s brains and she’s my best friend. Her commitment and work ethic make her the best work partner in the world. Her kick butt attitude keeps me motivated on days where I’m just not feeling it. I couldn’t imagine a better best friend/business partner to have. We’re different in so many ways but are able to balance each other out and help each other get through life’s struggles. Everyone has them- I just hope everyone also has a BFF as amazing as Jenna to help them through the struggs.

::What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?::

An elderly woman said to me “The envelope is delivered when it’s ready to be opened” and that has stuck with me. Sometimes we want to rush things and now when I get impatient, I think of her and that quote. Everything happens when and how it is supposed to.

::Pizza or champagne?::

That depends on the last time I ate. 9 times out of 10 I would say champagne but me + champagne on an empty stomach is not good for anyone involved.

::What’s your favorite healthy snack?::

I love veggies and hummus! I make my own at home with some garbanzo beans, EVOO and fresh garlic. Making it yourself saves money and keeps all the extra crap out of your body! Healthy and so yummy!

::What’s your favorite workout?::

Hard to choose! I love yoga, but sometimes I need to get my blood pumping so I dance a lot. I’m also a squats fanatic. I will do squats randomly throughout the day.

::What’s your pump up jam?::

I am currently loving “Bang, Bang” by Jessie J and Ariana Grande and anything from Beyonce!

::Who is your celebrity crush?::

Chris Young! That voice, that hair! It’s normal to pretend he is actually singing to me, right?

::What do you do when you’re not working on Bowed Arrows?::

I bartend at a swanky restaurant in Downtown Austin. I also have another blog, Twenty Something and Lovelis, and I talk about all of the crap your twenties bring and how to stay positive and make the most of it. I’m also a songwriter so I spend a great deal of time listening to and creating music!

FullSizeRender (5)

::How do you like to spend your free time?::

I’m a funny lady fanatic, so I have all of the Chelsesa Handler, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, etc, books! I love to bake, cook and get creative with cocktails, so I am constantly making something new and sharing it with friends. I also love being outdoors, so I love to hike and look for hidden spots to just sit and think or write. I also really enjoy kissing, so when I have someone to kiss, I spend a lot of time doing that! I think everyone needs to spend more time kissing. Plus, it burns calories!

::Favorite place you’ve visited?::

Hard to choose! Georgia is pretty damn beautiful and I am obviously a big fan of all things Texas. I love Pittsburgh. Amazing views from PNC Park and amazing Pastrami sandwiches at Primanti Brothers! I haven’t been yet, but I think Ireland will top my list once I finally get there! I have a lot of traveling left to do!

::If you could take an all-expenses paid vacay to anywhere in the world, where would you go?::

Ireland. Hands down. So many hillsides, so many pubs!

::Who do you look up to the most?::

Oh man, that is a tough question. I like to surround myself with inspiring, strong women. Ever since I was a teenager, I always admired women that just seemed strong, despite their hardships. I really enjoy being around women that don’t feel like they have to show skin to be sexy or act a certain way to get people to like them. There is something really beautiful about women who are comfortable in their own skin, with all their flaws and all of their quirks. I definitely look up to my Mother. She is a saint. She always puts everyone else first and is just the most generous person with her time. Plus, I know I always have a dance partner.

::What’s been your biggest hardship?::

Staying completely true to myself. I dated a guy that kind of took my identity away from me when I was very young and it took me a while to get myself back. After we broke up, I was not respecting or taking care of myself. I thought if I acted a certain way and looked a certain way that guys would like me and I could be one of the cool kids. I eventually stopped caring, got myself back and learned to be unapologetically myself and it completely changed my life. I began surrounding myself with better people and getting out of romantic entanglements immediately if I knew they weren’t right. Never settle, never compromise. A lot of bad things will happen in life and if you let it change who you are, that’s the biggest tragedy of all.

::What’s Bowed Arrows to you?::

I want Bowed Arrows to be a community for women to come together and be inspired and encouraged by other strong women. The stigma that women should have to look, act or feel a certain way is absolutely crazy to me. I began volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and started thinking about what happens to people who need guidance after 18? There is no real community where women can just go to talk and empower one another. If I had a community like Bowed Arrows when I was a teenager, my life probably would have been dramatically different. I may not have been so lost for so long. I hope we can be that for women, whether they are 15 or 55.

::What’s your favorite way to turn-off and unwind?::

I like to find a quiet spot with nobody around, preferably overlooking water to just sit and think, read and write. Those spots are really great to spend quality time with friends and loved ones too. It’s so nice to just be together and not have any distractions. But then again, I always love a good happy hour too!

FullSizeRender (1)

::Drink of choice?::

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CHAMPAGNE! Big into red wine as well. If I am having a cocktail…margaritas all the way.

::Favorite unhealthy food to indulge in?::

Anything Southern. I love BBQ, Country Fried Steak, Fried Okra, the list could go on. Sometimes I think my love for Southern food is what really brought me to Texas.

::How do you get your spirits back up when you’re feeling down?::

I dance. Whenever I am in a blah mood, I pause, put on a fun song and just rock out. It always gets my spirits back up. I even do it when I am not feeling down. Sometimes you just need to have your own dance party.


::What Bowed Arrow Babes do you look up to most in life?::

So hard to choose! Of the women we have featured so far, I would have to say Jennifer Lawrence. She is the epitome of a Bowed Arrow Babe. She is fearless, strong and just genuinely loves herself. She doesn’t let the pressures of Hollywood and the media get to her. She embraces her curves, her quirks and the fact that she is so perfectly imperfect. I love that she will make fun of herself, in a healthy manner, and she doesn’t make looking good her main goal in life. Hopefully one day we can get a real feature with her!

::If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?::

Give it away. I would probably pay off my car, buy a house and save a little but I would give most of it away. Imagine if everyone who won the lottery used it to make the world a little better? We could save a lot of hungry people, get others off the streets and back into the job market, cure cancer! Who knows? There is more than enough money to change the world, it just seems like the wrong people have most of it.

::What are 5 things you love? How about 5 things you just don’t care for?::


+My people. You know who you are. I would have nothing if I didn’t have such wonderful   people in my life.

+A good book. I get distracted easily, so if a book can hold my attention, I will read for hours.

+Random compliments. Everyone likes hearing “You’re beautiful” especially when you aren’t dressed up or expecting any compliments. This also works for “I love you”. I tell the people I love how much I love them as often as I can. I will send random texts or just call and say “I love you, that is all”. It makes me feel good that they know how I feel and how much I appreciate them being in my life.

+Dance parties/ singing loudly with friends. My friend Marissa (who is one of our BABs!) and I will randomly start singing 80’s ballads at the top of our lungs. It annoys everyone else but we love it. My old roommate, Jenna, and I would dance in our living room all the time. It was ridiculous but so much fun and really formed a bond between us that nobody else would ever understand.

+Affection. I love hugging and kissing and cuddling. I still cuddle with my Mom on the couch when we watch movies. I think hugs are healing. I don’t care if I see someone everyday, I will hug them like I haven’t seen them in weeks. As far as kissing goes, I mean, if you have someone to kiss, why wouldn’t you be kissing them all of the time? You have this person that adores you enough to want to put their mouth on yours, let them! I have been single more often than not over the last 8 years and I cannot wait to have someone to kiss every single day because I will kiss them EVERY. DAMN. DAY. It’s wonderful, and a good reminder to not settle because kissing someone that you just kind of like and kissing someone that you are in love with are completely different. If you truly want to grow old with someone, you are going to have to make sure you want to kiss them everyday.


Mean people. I just don’t get it. There is so much to be happy about and I will never understand why people have so much hate and anger that they would want to be mean to others. The nice guys don’t get enough credit. Don’t make them finish last!

Traffic. I love driving, but I hate traffic. I would rather take the long way around than sit in traffic!

Bleu Cheese. Yuck! It smells like dirty feet, why would you want that in your salad or your martini?

Egos. Confidence is so attractive, but learn to tame it! It is so unattractive to me when people take themselves and their appearance so seriously! Have fun! Be Silly! Eat the cheese stick! Nobody is going to care or remember that you had a “perfect” body or that you always looked cool. People remember how you made them feel, not how you looked doing it.

Scary movies. Not my thing! Why would you sign yourself up to be scared? If I’m going to pee myself, I want it to be from laughing too hard, not from thinking someone is going to hack me up while I’m necking with my man in a corn field in the middle of the night. That’s usually what happens in those movies, right?


Chantelly Satchell: co-founder of Bowed Arrows & blogger at Shimmer + Flare

Chantelly Satchell is a blonde bombshell that was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico but is truly a California girl at heart. Chantelly and Jenna met in the 8th grade and they quickly became best friends and wrote back and forth to each other in a notebook that they still have to this day. Although time and distance tried to tear them apart, their friendship stayed strong. Chantelly has always had an eye for aesthetics. Her parties are always as fun as they are adorable and she always looks like she didn’t break a sweat getting them together. She is fiercely dedicated and passionate about the projects that she starts, Bowed Arrows and Shimmer & Flare included, and she shows that same dedication and passion when it comes to the people that she loves. (By the way, Shimmer & Flare is her adorable lifestyle blog that you should check out. I am in no way that crafty or fashion-oriented and I am so impressed with how awesome she is.) She sends the best care packages (with your favorite hot sauce that they don’t sell in Texas), she is free of judgement and full of glitter and love. She is the quiet but strong type. She is a great listener and will never make you feel like you are less than extraordinary. She is truly amazing and unique and one of the best friends a girl could ask for.

 ::Who’s your best friend?::

I have a few AMAZING ladies in my life that I would consider my best friends (including my mom & sister), but I think my number one best friend is my boyfran, Jordan (or JorBabe). He hasn’t known me as long as some of my other best friends or even my family (duh) but it’s been enough time. He knows how to keep my spirits up so they’re rarely down and he knows how to keep me inspired and motivated. He is so supportive and always knows the right things to say and I couldn’t ask for a better one<3

(This was a trick question…she was supposed to say ‘Jenna…duh!’)

::What’s your favorite blog?::

Bowed Arrows;) Seriously though, my fave blog, 100%, is The Skinny Confidential by Lauryn Evarts. She my ultimate spirit animal. Love love love her and her blog!

::When did you figure out you wanted to become a blogger?::

It was probably about 5 years ago when I discovered Emily Shuman’s blog, Cupcakes & Cashmere. I was so obsessed and wanted one just like hers. I actually started one back in 2010 but gave up after about a month. I tried to pick it back up a few months later but just couldn’t find the time, resources or motivation.

After following Lauryn’s blog for almost a year now, I decided to go for it and started my own: Shimmer and Flare. I love to cook, bake and get creative and just wanted an outlet for it all. I wanted something to hold me accountable for remembering to do things that make me happy.

Bowed Arrows came about shortly after when Jenna and I started talking about the struggles of getting older and how we wished we had had something to better prep us. We’ve also seen a lot of girl-on-girl hate growing up and thought what better way to help and encourage girls than with a community full of girls! Hopefully, we can make a difference!

::Favorite book?::

I don’t have a favorite book. I’m so bad at playing favorites because I love so many things! Right now I am really digging Lauryn’s book: The Skinny Confidential, The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and #GIRLBOSS (<<<great inspo here).

::Celeb crush?::

CHACE CRAWFORD. Always and forever<33333


::What did you want to be when you grew up?::

I absolutely frickin’ love kids and wanted to be a pediatrician. I had so many “babies” growing up and could never get enough. People use to bribe me to do things by giving me more dolls lol. Not sure when/why/how that changed. It just isn’t me. I love to take care of people but I always love to be crafty and creative and I think a blogging mom/wife is perfect for that;)

::Favorite workout?::

SPIN CLASS. If you haven’t tried it, you are seriously missing out. It’s such an amazing workout. You burn so many more cals in this class than you do in any other class or on any exercise machine. Try it. You’ll love, promise.

::Favorite food?::

Again, I hate playing favorites but my top three guilty pleasure foods are guacamole, sushi and steak fries. Top three healthy foods are: GREEN JUICE (YUM YUM YUM), roasted brussel sprouts (or any roasted veggies really), and Kale Quinoa salads.

::When’s the best time to drink champagne?::

Every damn second of every damn day. But really…when is it not a good time? CHAMPAGNE ALWAYS.


::If you had to choose between a baby penguin and a baby sloth for a pet, which would you choose and why?::

Baby Penguin because Happy Feet.

:: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?::

What kind of wood are we talking about here?

::What was the worst date you’ve ever been on?::

Oh my gosh lol – probably NYE 2012/13. I think that was it. OMG it was sososo bad. Poor Jenna got out of work after midnight and canceled her plans so that she could drive over an hour and a half to rescue me because I had been drinking and could not drive and rescue myself. Reason #2384972350949 why she is the ultimate BFF/Friend/Sister/Daughter.

+++Please babes, DON’T ever risk your life or anyone else’s life by drinking and driving- NOT worth it+++

FullSizeRender (2)

::What about the best?::

I think the best date would be the first date I had with JorBabe. So simple but so much fun. We went to the most amazing Mexican restaurant in Newport and then went out for drinks afterward. We ended up on the beach acting like 12 year olds just running around, dancing and mimicking that pig from the Geico commercials lol. It was the first guy I had ever been 100% myself with.

We’ve had so many more amazing dates since then but that was such a memorable moment because of how much I was able to let go and feel free.

::Favorite song at the moment?::

I’m going to sound like a broken record when I say no favorites again but no faves. I love country! & some EDM. & some Pop and Rap and Oldies. Music makes me happy and makes me feel good so I really love it all. Except for the screamo emo hard rock ish. No spanks.

::Where do you find inspiration?::

Outside. I love to take walks or go running outside and just think about all of the beauty and how blessed we all are. I love hikes and laying in the warm sunshine at the beach. All of this takes the stress away and makes me feel like a new person.

::How do you stay motivated?::

It’s extremely easy to get unmotivated. I like to try and eat healthy and workout to keep my mind and body clear. Talking to my amazing boyfriend, friends and family also helps out a lot. They have great ideas and advice and sharing laughs really gets you out of the rut. Also, reading some motivating quotes really helps!

FullSizeRender (3)

::What do you like most about yourself?::

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to accept and like everything. Of course we all have things we are insecure about and want to change but once you accept who you are and become happy with what you have, you begin to live life differently. Not that I was ever unhappy, but I am just so much happier now.  And so many different things make me happy. It’s hard to imagine myself being any happier than I am right now.

::If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?::

Hate. There is way too much of it in the world right now.

::Tell me about an iconic woman that you look up to.::

I’m not super big on “iconic” people. I never have been. I think there are way too many everyday people in our lives who are just as amazing. There are just soo many amazing, strong women in this world. I am SOO excited to be able to feature some of them as our Bowed Arrow Babes!

::What is your absolute, most favorite thing in the world? I mean, something you could do all day, everyday if you didn’t have to worry about money or responsibilities?::

I love adventure and exploring new things.I would travel the world and visit all of the most amazing tropical destinations. + then I’d enjoy some excellent margaritas or champagne on the beach with the people I love.

FullSizeRender (4)

Now you all know a little more about us (super embarrassing puberty photos & all)! We are so unbelievably excited to be doing this and so thankful for the overwhelming support from all of our beautiful friends and family. You guys are amazing! ♥♥♥


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Workout With a Friend!



So it’s now 2015 (WTH-how did that happen?!) and we are sure you all have your resolutions ready to start rocking. Probably one of the most popular resolutions on everyone’s list is to workout again (if you slacked off) or to workout harder…are we right?!

We both definitely got extremely tied up with the holidays and the busy-ness that comes with them. While we tried to eat healthy and maintain a pretty good workout regimen, we failed at times. It’s so hard to resist a champagne cocktail and a delicious slice of pumpkin pie. And then even harder to resist the next 5 glasses of champagne because once you start, it’s hard to stop! Annnd thennn even harder to wakeup to that workout alarm the next morning!


Soo that’s why we are encouraging you to grab one of your besties and create a meal plan and a workout plan! It is sooo much easier to workout and stay motivated when you have someone else in the same boat as you. Some days you may be extremely unmotivated but they are ready to go and can get your butt out for a run or to the gym. Other days you may have to be the cheerleader but the bottom line is that both of you will be able to work together to keep your routine going!

Start each day by sending each other motivating quotes or pictures! Send each other your meals for the day. Or even start writing them down in a journal. A lot of people tend to eat healthier and stay on track when they journal their meals or have to admit to a friend what they’ve been eating. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away with “dieting”. We hate diets and do not believe in them. It’s all about moderation and eating healthy, whole foods to fuel your body (more posts on this in the future!).


Plus, working out with someone else is so much more fun than by yourself. You can break out into spontaneous dance parties or race one another to rev up your metabolisms (helloooo, major calorie burning!). The constant laughs you’ll have are also a great way to burn cals. So much calorie burning going on!

We know oftentimes, we all finally have the time to workout but it’s either super early in the morning when it is still dark out or late at night…when it’s dark out. The dark is extremely intimidating when you’re a young girl and you hear about all of the crazies out there in this world. Having a workout buddy is great for staying safe and being able to take your early morning or late night run!


We will be posting some fun recipes and workouts on here as well as on our Pinterest page so be sure to follow us!


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Follow Your Arrow



Happy Monday, Babes! We are absolutely thrilled to put up our first official post on the blog! What better way to kick off our Mantra Mondays blog posts than to talk about arrows! “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” When we saw this mantra, we were so inspired.

When we decided to start a blog to encourage and empower women, we were discussing names and fell upon Bowed Arrows. A lot of people have asked us what the name means and why we chose it. Here’s our answer: The idea behind an arrow is that you aim it and it goes where you aim. In life though, your arrow sometimes gets sidetracked. We make plans and often times those plans fall apart. A bowed arrow does not have a straight path. A bowed arrow can be taken in many different directions and see things that a straight arrow would not. A bowed arrow will land exactly where it is supposed to, even if it was aimed somewhere else.

Enjoy the ride. When things get tough, just remember that you will land exactly where you are supposed to. It doesn’t always work out how you want and things are rarely perfect but life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need. We hope that this blog and community of women will be somewhere that you can come and find encouragement and hope when life seems to be getting the best of you. You have friends here and we have plenty of hope and love to share. Follow your arrow, babes.



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