TIPS: Cut calories in your 4th of July cocktails!


We LOVE holidays and the 4th of July is one of our favorites!

What better way to celebrate living in freedom than throwing an All-American Party?!

Independence Day is always full of BBQs, bike rides and usually…beer or some other form of calorie-laden cocktails.

We don’t want to stop the celebration, but we were searching for a way to not feel bloated and lethargic by days end, so we went to the cocktail drawing board for a couple of Red, White and Blue libations!

Watermelon-Lime Cooler:



1.5 ounces of the vodka of your choice

1/3 cup of fresh watermelon chunks

1 tbsp fresh lime juice


Shake with Ice

Top with Arrowhead Watermelon-Lime Sparkling Water

This cocktail is so refreshing and not too sweet!



5 ounces of bubbles (We LOVE Chandon..Rose would be great too!)


2 ounces of your fave berries

2 ounces of Suja Berry Madness


Stir and sip!


For those with a more sweet-tooth!


It’s not just the cocktails that can break the calorie bank…

Those hot dogs and burgers are about as American as it gets, but they can make you feel all sorts of sluggish.

Try turkey burgers or Applegate’s all-natural dogs! They have chicken, turkey, pork, beef or veggie and they are made without GMOs or artificial ingredients! Now that’s a BBQ we can feel good about!



Learn more about Applegate products here!

Have a safe and fun weekend, Babes!

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The Secret: Ask. Believe. Achieve.


So we have both always been pretty positive and spiritual through life but sometimes we struggle and get caught up with the everyday stress. We let ourselves get so wrapped up in silly little things that we forget to slow down and realize that these “things” are really not a big deal.

It’s really hard to separate yourself from what is going on at times and that is why it is so important to keep yourself healthy! Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. When you’ve got all these going for you then life seems like a breeze.

You also have to be happy in every aspect of your life. You’ve got to figure out what you love and what makes you excited to wake up each day and do it.

Do what you love. Follow your passion. Enjoy your life. Be grateful.

Find the good in your world.

We’ve both watched The Secret Law Of Attraction at some point in our life and we like to go back from time to time and rewatch it. It’s a great reminder and great motivation to push you to be the best you and get exactly what you want.

It’s possible. You just have to:

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Ask for what you want. Put it out in the Universe. Write it down. We are SOO big on journals and writing down goals because it gets it out there. It’s no longer just in your head. Know exactly what you want. Don’t just put “I want a good job.” Put something more detailed like, “I am going to be the new PR Coordinator for {Insert company here}.” Write that down and BELIEVE IT.

Obviously, you’re not just going to land this dream job with no effort. You’ve got to do what it takes to get there. Be good to everyone. Be good to yourself. Put yourself out there. Do what it takes to be the best PR Coordinator there is. But also do what it takes to be your best self. When you have the skills and you are happy and confident with yourself, anything is possible.

Later comes the receiving end. Reach for that job and nail it. Get the job. Rock the job. And write a new goal. Start again. Keep on keepin’ on.

This can be applied to so many different areas of your life. We’ve met many people who practice this and have attained many goals for being positive and believing that they can.

It only works if you feel you deserve it. You MUST feel you deserve it. Give up on any idea of failure and persevere.

This film is SO great. It doesn’t only talk about career goals, but it also talks about relationships and health.

We all need to take 100% responsibility in a relationship. It’s not 50/50.


GIVE >>> When you give love, you’ll receive love. LOVE YOURSELF. Know yourself and be secure. You are your own best friend. Spend more time with yourself. Learn from your past and move on. Go forward anyway. Focus on the future and let go of the past. Let it go. Forgive it.

The most beautiful scenes in life are the ones we observe on a detour♥

This was real and little heavier than normal but hopefully it hits home and hopefully you all will take the time to watch the short film. It’s very inspiring.

Always remember, stress is when you give the power away. Maintain your power. Keep the outside, outside.



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Tippity Tips For A Fun & Easy Cinco De Mayo!


Happy happy Cinco De Mayo! Or Cinco De Drinko…whichever your prefer LOL.

Major buzz kill for the latter since it is on a Tuesday!

BUT it will be a blast nonetheless!

Cinco De Mayo is another one of our FAVEEEE (!!!) holidays because Tequila, Margs and Tacos. DUH. Oh, and guac. Cannot forget the most delish invention ever!

As you know, we will celebrate anything we can because life is sweet and it’s meant to be celebrated every day you wake up and are still here. Life is short so make it good, right?!

We work all day tomorrow but with these easy meal and drink tips, a CDM dinner party will be a cinch!

1. DECOR – we’ve collected a few things over the years that we always keep around such as sombreros, serapes, and fun shot glasses and margarita glasses! We also try and head to Party City to purchase some stick-on mustaches and fun little plates and napkins (this makes clean up muchhhh easier!!).

2. DRANK – We’ll pick up some Modelos and limes for the beer lovers and then some tequila for Marg lovers like us!

→Easy breezy skinny margs:

All you need is tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, ice and a little agave! Put your ice into a glass and top with 1-1.5 shots of tequila. Juice yours limes and and fill to the brim. Add a little agave and stir! Sometimes we cheat and we sub frozen limeade for fresh lime juice because with lots of people, you’ll need LOTSSSSS of limes! We’ll even top off with some coconut water to help stay hydrated!

Or…you could score some Vita Frute Margarita by Veev and let someone else do the mixing for you!

3. FOOD – While we do like to get down on ground beef/turkey tacos, we’ve found a pretty awesome recipe for shredded chicken (recipe below). The best part?! You can toss everything in a crock pot before you head to work and it’ll be ready by the time you get home! For our vegetarian friends, how about black bean tacos? Protein and deliciousness! We also make sure to pick up some taco toppings (tomatoes, onions, cilantro) tortilla chips, salsa and GUAC ingredients! If you’re feeling beans and rice, grab that as well. We find that people get pretty full on margs, tacos and chips and salsa. Go ahead, TREAT YO-SELF!


→Chicken tacos (enough for about 6 people):

Grab 4 chicken breasts, 12-16 oz. salsa verde, 2 cups organic chicken broth, 1 tsp cumin and 1 tsp cayenne pepper and toss into a crock pot. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours and voila! Just shred when it’s cooked and you’re all set!


We usually live by the rule of 1 small avo per person. Purchase enough avocados and some tomatoes, onions, fresh garlic and limes. Scoop out all your avo meat and mash. Chop your veggies and mix with the avocado. Add fresh garlic, pepper, lime juice and a little himalayan salt. To spice it up, add a bit of your fav salsa!


4. FUN – Invite your favorites friends, make a poppin’ playlist and have some fun! We never need an excuse to listen to Selena, but today it’s a requirement.

Let us know if any of you celebrated and what you did! Share your pics and tag us on Insta! We would love to hear about it and also get some fresh new ideas!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Babes! Party on!



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Less hair washing, more dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is EVERYWHERE these days but if you havent heard of it or tried it, you are seriously missing out!

It’s great to shower everyday but it’s not great to wash your hair everyday.

We wash our hair about once or twice a week and use dry shampoo the rest of the time!

It’ll seriously be your new BFF.

It soaks up all of the oil and dirt and makes your hair look so fresh and so clean, clean.

And it also gives you some MAJOR volume which we just loveeee.

Chantelly’s favorite dry shampoo is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. It works wonders for the blondies like Chantelly.

If you have darker hair, it’s hard to find a good one to use without it turning your hair gray.

So we’ve decided to make our own for a few reasons:

  1. We can make it for people with dark hair
  2. Inexpensive!
  3. WAY healthier for you! No toxic chemicals here

→ For Brunettes you will need:

  • 1/4 cup of cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until well combined.


→ For Blondies:

  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup aluminum-free baking soda
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil (optional)

Combine all together and mix well.

You can store these in cute little jars in your bathroom and use a makeup brush to apply to your roots. Let it set for 3-5 minutes and brush out. The powder will disappear and so will that greasy hair!



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10-minute workouts


Life is busy. Trust us, we get it.

Errands, kids, relationships, work, school. Who has time to work out? It seems nearly impossible sometimes, but we are here to help.

As we have added a few years o to our “life resume” we have both noticed a significant difference in our stress levels, our skin, our moods and how our bodies work & feel when we are staying on top of a regular fitness routine. Let me tell you, the absolute worst thing you can do is not workout at all. You will feel terrible. I mean, how do you get sore and achey from not doing anything?

Our solution for busy schedules that don’t have an hour to spend chasing dreams on a treadmill?


No joke, you can find all sorts of short workout videos on YouTube that will give you a quick boost and make you feel like you are actually taking care of your body. Once working out becomes a part of your routine, it’s easier to make time for it. Make 10-minutes a day and choose a new video everyday until you find something you like. If you have time, do a couple videos or a 30-minute workout! We have noticed that the more we do it, the more we enjoy it, so it doesn’t really feel like a chore.

Find something you enjoy doing.

Jenna loves yoga and barre. Chantelly could live without it.

This is a fun beginner Barre workout! 

Chantelly loves spin classes. Jenna would rather die.

You just have to find something that works for you and stick with it, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.

Here’s a few of our faves:

Tone It Up Quickie Workout

Jennifer Galardi Standing Abs 

10-minute total body with no equipment!

What workout vids are you loving right now?

In the words of Beyonce,

“A little sweat never hurt nobody!”

Enjoy your sweat sesh, Babes!

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Foot Massages – get one!


Has anyone ever had a realllllll foot massage?

Not the kind you get when you go to get a pedicure…like a real reallll one?

A.k.a. reflexology.

If you have not, then we highly suggest getting one! They are SO amazing! And so cheap!



<<<P.S. we’re on snapchat now so add us!! bowed_arrows>>>

Our favorites are local and average about $20 for 1 full hour (ONEEE HOUR!!). And you kind of luck out because they also take some time to massage your neck, back AND arms. It’s unbelievable!

We also like to get the foot detox. It’s this little machine they semi hook you up to while your feet are soaking and by the time you’re done, the water is this NASTY olive oil color.

But that’s a good thing when it comes to the detox because it means it actually worked!


All that massaging and detoxing releases soooo many toxins in your body and that’s why it is so important to drink water right after to get them all flushed out!

Massages are sooo beneficial to your health. It’s believed that applying pressure to specific areas on the feet, hand and ears can affect internal organs and body systems, and therefore promote good health!

The more you massage, the more your body starts positively clearing blockages, re-establishing energy flows and balancing itself. It heals itself from the inside out and as a whole unit. That’s our kind of “medicine”!

Life gets pretty stressful at times and that’s why it’s sooo important to treat yo’self and take care of it in healthy ways!



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Hangover Tips


Happy one of our favorite holidays of the year!!

We hope you all plan on celebrating somehow! We know we sure do! We’re thinking green margs for sureeeee!

And to avoid that knarly hangover, we’ll be doing a few extra things.

Anyone else seem to get hangovers ten fold with each drunken outing? Seriously, it’s like they get worse and worse even when we’re drinking less and less.

Like one of our favorite Grandpas always says, “This growing old ain’t for sissys!”


Anyways, here are some of our tips for waking up with a little less pain tomorrow. Or whenever you get a little too carried away with the spirits;)

→ 1. EAT – Make sure you have more than lettuce. We know you’re tryna look hawt in that crop top and keep that tummy flat but you’re going to pay for it later. Cover up and get comfortable. Allow yourself to have some bread or some pasta and make sure you have some lean protein! Don’t let yourself be that girl throwing up/passed out in the bathroom stall. Don’t let yourself be that girl that your friends have to babysit and hold your hair. Be smart and eat!

→ 2. WATER – Water should be your BEST friend when you’re drinking! You know how you get drunk and have those heart to hearts with your ladies about how much you love them? Start treating water this way. Love the shit outta it because it’s the only thing that’s going to save you from a raging headache. We try to have a glass or two of water with every alcoholic beverage we have. We also chug as much water as we can before we head to bed for the night. AND make sure you have a HUGE glass of water next to your bed to drink every time you wake up throughout the night.


→ 3. Grapefruit oil – Whoever discovered this is a genius! Grapefruit oil is great for you in so many other ways but our favorite thing about it is it’s ability to ease hangovers. We drop a couple of drops in a glass of water and chug it before bed and voila! You’re still tired and sluggish but it seems to help out A TON! We’re addicted. DoTerra makes an amazing one!


→ 4. Pedialyte – Before we had grapefruit oil, this was our go-to. We would chug about half before bed and wake up the next day and drink some more. This stuff is great when it comes to helping rehydrate and replace the electrolytes in your bod. They give this stuff to babies when they get sick so you know it’s good for us big babies and our hangovers.

The main reason you feel like poo after a night of drinking is because it is very dehydrating so make sure you drink a ton of water and you should be okay!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe time celebrating tonight! And we hopeee nobody wakes up in pain tomorrow!

May the luck of the Irish be with you!



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How to have a little St. Patty’s Day FUN!


We will take any excuse we can to celebrate. And come on, who doesn’t want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?!

It can be a total buzz kill when the actual holiday is during the week but we’ve found ways to celebrate the heck out of it no matter what!

This year, Chantelly planned a little Sunday Funday St. Patty’s BBQ. They will start in the late afternoon and be done celebrating right after dinner. Plenty of time to unwind and get ready for the start of the work week!

She says she will also be celebrating Tuesday with the fam. They are thinking of putting a little irish feast together (stay tuned for some traditional Irish recipes on Turn-off Thursday!) and enjoying a good night in with some MARCH MADNESS! How awesome is it that the NCAA tournament starts on St. Patty’s?! SO much to celebrate with and have fun!

We’ve put together few little tips/options for you to enjoy the holiday but still stay on track so you don’t exhaust yourself for the rest of the working week.


{Decor accents and the best champs ever}

♣ Celebrate the weekend before! If you’re a night partier and want to really drink and celebrate, have something the night of the 14th! Party City and dollar stores are great places to find tons of cheap, but fun decorations!

♣ Celebrate the day of! Wake up and make yourself your favorite green smoothie! Blend some eggs and spinach/kale together and cook up some green eggs! Bring green veggies and dip to work for everyone! And make sure to wear your green so you do not get pinched!!

♣ Celebrate the night of but low-key! Invite some close friends and family over and have a dinner party! Or a potluck! Everyone can bring their favorite Irish Dish and you can provide the main course and some drinks! You can celebrate with a couple of drinks and be good to wake up the next day! ORRR you can be totally healthy and drink a Green Kombucha Mocktail!


{Table accents}

We snagged some green mustaches, party goblets and mugs as well as tons of cheesy banners and leprechaun cardboard cutouts!

We don’t normally suggest coloring food or drinks with food coloring but this is a special occasion and you can’t not enjoy green beer (OR CHAMPS!!!)! Chantelly’s Sunday Funday will consist of lots of Margs with a drop of two of green food coloring in each batch! They’ll also try to make a ton of foods that are naturally green: salad, guacamole, chili garlic edamame, etc.

TBH, we will be doing all of the above! We love love love to celebrate anything! We find that it gives you something to look forward to and keeps life exciting. Plus, you get an excuse to see your friends and family much more often!

Partayyy hardayy! But BE SAFE! xx


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All About That SPF



Wait. GUYS & GIRLS! Yes, this is for EVERYONEEEE. How many of you actually wear sunscreen

If you do, bravo to you. You deserve a gold medal. If you don’t, tsk tsk! You better start!

Sunscreen is SO important! Not only does it protect your skin from nasty wrinkles and aging at a very young age, but it also protects against cancer! I mean, helloooo! Who wants to be bothered with skin cancer? Not us, that’s for sure. It’s super scary and stressful to deal with and also extremely expensive! Yuck.

Notice how you get sunburned even on a cloudy day outside? Even if the sun ain’t shining, the rays are beaming. All those UVA and UVB rays are NO GOOD.


We try to wear at least 30 SPF. If we are going to be out in the sun for more than a couple of hours, we try to put on the 50. And always wear and hat and sunglasses!

Not only do we purchase foundations with SPF in them, we also buy moisturizers with sunscreen in them. And then we also purchase sunscreen. You can never be too sure. Our goal is to be 50 but still look like we are 30, ya dig?

Here are a few good reads on some of the most popular products out there!

Beauty products ♥ SPFs

Of course we are all about doing as many natural and safe things as possible but we haven’t found any organic make-up products that we just loveeee so if you have any, please please please send suggestions our way!


If we are out of SPF, we’ll throw some coconut oil on our face. It has a pretty low SPF (4-6) but it’s still better than nothing!

We are a little intrigued with making out own sunscreen using this recipe we found on Wellness Mama!

Did you know that:

“Studies have shown that, when it comes to fighting wrinkles, sunscreen is the most potent weapon, more powerful than hyaluronic acid and antioxidants alone.”

Welp, we’re about to go take a bath in sunscreen. Catch ya dolls later!



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Gym Etiquette: Don’t be that girl (or guy)


Soo with the new year here, the gym has gotten so extremely busy. This is the time of the year where we try and get our workouts done outside (weather permitting) or at home. January and February are nutzo at the gym and it’s so frustrating when these non-regulars come in and throw off your routine.

We aren’t hating. We love that everyone is there with the same purpose and goal but sometimes it seems people forget how to act, often mistreat the weights/machines and aren’t respectful of the people around them.

We have quite a few pet peeves that even the regulars need to knock off so we’ve made a list of reminders for everyone, regulars or non-regulars. And apparently gym etiquette is a problem because when we googled it, A TON of articles (good read) popped up!

We had some fun with this and finding the pictures attached. Hope you get a few good giggles in with us!

1. No cell phones: The gym is supposed to be a place where you go to relieve stress and get away from the world. I can’t tell you how many times we have been on a cardio machine and had to listen to someone’s phone conversation. They talk SO loud that you can hear it over your music. Also, no texting on the weight machines. There are oftentimes people waiting to use that machine and with you texting, they have to wait that much longer. PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN. You can do it:) Get your hour workout in and enjoy the people around you.

2. Bring a towel: If your gym does not provide towel service, bring your own towel! You do not want your sweat dripping all over the floor and the machines so be sure to take care of it. This not only benefits other people but it also benefits you. You’ll always want your towel in case someone left their sweat for you to enjoy.

3. Wipe machines down: We are all about the paper towels and disinfectant sprays that the gym provides. We take full advantage of this and wipe our cardio machines before and after each use.


4. If you go to the gym with a friend, please save your convo for later: This is about the same as the no cell phone use. It’s very distracting to listen to people talk loudly while you’re trying to workout. Why would you want everyone around you to hear about your personal life? Plus, if you’re able to hold a convo, you aren’t werkin’ hard enough;)


5. Take care of the machines: Pleaseeee do not slam/drop the weights. Not only does it scare people, but it wears them down and gyms don’t replace equipment too often. Wipe down machines and treat them as if you they are yours and you paid the big bucks for them. Also, remember to put everything back in the same place you took it from.


6. Don’t workout in the sauna/steam room: This is a HUGE pet peeve. If nobody is in there, fine, do what you want. But people go in there to stretch and relax. It’s so annoying to hear someone panting and jumping around. We also would enjoy not having sweat fly at us. We have our own bodily fluids to take care of:)

7. Wear proper attire: You want to be comfortable and have no restrictions. Wear the right clothes and shoes for safety reasons, please.

8. Respect everyone’s space: Don’t get too close. Everyone loves their personal space.

9. Wear deodorant/body spray but don’t over-do it: Make sure you’re clean and smell nice for the people around you. But also don’t go overboard with it. Too often we are on a cardio machine gettin’ our workout on and someone jumps on next to us and makes you want to gag. It’s really hard to focus on working hard and finishing your workout when you can’t really breath.


10. Guys, try not to hit on the girls: Sometimes girls may be looking for something but most of the time we are just there to get a good workout in without having to put up with some macho man hitting on us. We’re all about friendships but don’t be gross.

11. Have fun: Remember that everyone is there to feel better about themselves. Have some fun, make some friends and never judge anyone. Everyone at the gym is there with the same goal and you should encourage one another to reach that goal. The gym is a lot more fun with people to say hello to and encourage!

Hopefully everyone can get on the same page and make the gym that much more enjoyable. We love it there. It’s an amazing feeling to be under the same roof with a bunch of people who have the same goals.

It makes us SO happy that people are out there trying to get in shape and be healthy. We just hope they find the motivation to stick with it!! Good luck to all those lovely peeps!



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